• Thai Milk Tea
  • Leche Flan Milk Tea
  • Lychee Passionfruit Tea


Bubble Tea & Coffee

Where To Find Us

Welcome to Neighborhood Bubble Tea & Coffee. Open seven days a week at SeaTac International Airport. You can find us in Tukwila and Redmond too!

Our Milk Teas

We lean towards Filipino roots with signature bubble teas that include a Leche Flan Milk Tea and Turon Turon Milk Tea with black tea, jackfruit, banana syrup, and brown sugar. The shop also offers a wider range of Asian flavors including a traditional Thai Milk Tea and Lychee Passionfruit Tea.

Signature Espresso Drinks

Are aim is to feature local brands and expose them to the international airport scene. Local roaster, Fulcrum Coffee Roasters provide all coffee, espresso, and cold brew. Signature espresso drinks include a black sesame latte topped with black sesame cream, and a house-brewed Vietnamese iced coffee. You can find an ube latte and a pandan latte rounding off the special espresso menu.